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Laura Sperl

Laura Sperl was born 1994 in Saarbrücken (Germany) and graduated her fine art studies in 2022. 

In the frame of a two-year postgraduate funding programme she currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Laura Sperl 1994 yılında Saarbrücken (Almanya) doğdu ve güzel sanat çalışmalarını 2022 yılında tamamladı. 

İki yıllık lisansüstü finansman programının bir parçası olarak şu anda İstanbul’da yaşıyor ve çalışıyor.

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Spool (2023) 
The spool contains a 40-meter-long striṗof paper, which, inside a wooden box, can be unwound from one roll and wound onto a second roll using turning handles. On the top of the box there is a window hat serves as a frame for me to edit the paper piece by piece. Over the period of approximately nine months a timeline-like document is created that holds a diary-like record of my life. My notations range from accidental stains to quick scribbles and notes like addresses, directions, names and phone numbers, from perfume-sprayed or dirt-stained stages, to more elaborate texts about my dreams, observations and personal encounters, poems, portraits and drafts for performative actions, sculptures and installations.  

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Heavy Duty (2022) 

Experiments with a heavy duty shelf culminated in my diploma work Heavy Duty II in July 2022, for which I divided the shelf in ten segments and placed models and settings inside. The shelf functions as a mobile design platform that is continuously restructured depending on the works I create. 

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Pluto (2020) 

Pluto was located in the attic of an 1898 mansion in my hometown. The installed projection showed a recording of a group of flamingos next to a waterhole that I recorded in a zoo. The heated wooden attic room was bathed in a dark red light that entered through a small colored roof hatch. In the darkest corner of the room one could spot an illuminated flamingo feather that glimmered in the dark like a distant star in the night sky. Each work of the exhibition was accompanied by a short text. Pluto's text presented scientific data about the dwarf planet Pluto. It related the protectedness of the birds nest, the house or the space capsule to the cosmic vastness, the warmth of our home to the coldness of the universe, the passing of time on earth to the passing of time in outer space. 

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